Sebastian Gomez
Director of Culture and Education
Striver; confident leader that is committed to execute successfully and diligently. Listens carefully to perform the best for others
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Sebastian is a Hispanic American with parents from Ecuador. From a young age, he had soared through both academic and physical benchmarks; from receiving all three commended STAAR tests in elementary to 97 percentile on his SAT’s whilst being a Texas State Champion powerlifter.


Sebastian graduated from Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions and attends University of Houston (Main Campus) where he is currently studying Biochemistry to apply to medical school. 

With 4 years of clinical experience through shadowing physicians in pediatric orthopedics, volunteering at Quentin Meade Hospital for 100+ hours and observational reports, Sebastian has committed his heart and time for the medical field from the beginning of high school. 

Sebastian plans to use this opportunity as a member of HGSCA to give back to the communities that have raised him and taught him to be who he is now.

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