HGSCA Embraces Venezuelan Refugees in Guayaquil and Partners with "Hogar de Cristo" in Gua

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HGSCA launches its new fundraising campaign, "A Roof for the Road," to benefit Hogar de Cristo in Guayaquil; a non profit organization that is on the ground responding to the needs of Venezuelans who’ve fled into Guayaquil, Ecuador

"A Roof for the Road" program welcomes people who come as a family and have nowhere to stay. Many travel with their young children, they sleep at their houses and stay until they get a job and can support themselves.

The fundraising will provide lifesaving essentials including shelter, water, food, safety and protection. Donate!

​HGSCA is committed to show solidarity to communities in need that had set foot on Guayaquil grounds. This campaign was launched as a token of appreciation to our Venezuelan volunteers.

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