Project ECHO Directors at MD Anderson Invited SOLCA to be Part of the Latin America Telementoring Pr

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Once again, HGSCA has been able to facilitate another meaningful connection between Houston and Guayaquil that would strengthen the relationship between the two cities.

Recognizing a critical need to address disparities in cancer care, MD Anderson has been designated as an ECHO super-hub for oncology by the ECHO Institute at the University of New Mexico Health Science Center (UNMHSC). MD Anderson is one of just nine ECHO super-hub sites in the world and the first focused on oncology.

MD Anderson collaborates with colleagues in Latin America (consortium of 10 countries) to share best practices for prevention and management of cervical cancer. Ecuador will be the new addition to the consortium.

Dr. Rodolfo Ceprian, International Relations Director at the City of Guayaquil, Jose Jouvin, President of SOLCA, Dr. Gonzalo Puga, Hospital Manager of SOLCA, and Xavier Moyano, President of HGSCA Guayaquil participated today in a virtual meeting in which Dr. Ellen Baker, Director of project ECHO , and Dr. Melissa, Lopez, Program Manager of Project ECHO invited Physicians with specialties and sub-specialties in women with cancer of the reproductive organs at SOLCA to be part of Project ECHO Latin America (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) which is a teleconsulting and telementoring partnership between MD Anderson specialists and other Physicians from all over the world.

Paulina Davila, Protocol and Director of Public Relations at HGSCA and Kenia Mosquera, Director of Communications at HGSCA were present at the teleconference.

HGSCA hopes that this initiative would be the first step on the right path to create a fruitful and long lasting relationship between MD Anderson and SOLCA.

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