"The Huge Oil and Gas Challenge in Ecuador and How to Face it to Attract Local and Foreigner In

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ESPOL hosted the first HGSCA Oil and Gas Conference in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on August 1, 2018. The conference focused on facing the challenges of the new energy paradigm to attract more locals and international investors. The event had a good turnout .

Raul Ortiz, a Houston International Petroleum Consultant who accepted to be the speaker at the conference, presented a strategy and a series of suggestions to make Ecuador more competitive and attract substantial capital companies and high-caliber operating companies that help reactivate the oil industry with new production and reserves, which would have a high impact on the country's economy.

The conference was a great opportunity to make contacts and take part in a questions and answers session about the industry’s future and ongoing development of oil and gas in the region after the event.

Luis and Fanny Moyano, Alejandro Chanaba, Sub Dean of FIMCBOR at ESPOL and Member of the HGSCA Advisory Board, Nelly Fraga, HGSCA Founder, Raul Ortiz, International Petroleum Consultant, Paola Romero, Ana Tapia, Dean y Sub Dean of FictESPOL

HGSCA in collaboration with ESPOL is committed to offer more interactive events built around learning to the City of Guayaquil.

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Number of Attendees: 91

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