The Office of Business Opportunities (OBO), Sister Cities of Houston, HGSCA and The Ecuadorian Assoc

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On February 2018, Ecuadorian deputy minister of Foreign Affairs Rolando Suarez announced that Ecuador and United States decided to begin a process to reactivate the Trade and Investments Council for this year. The idea is to aim of dealing with economic and commercial topics in a comprehensive way, creating jobs and promoting inclusive economic growth...Source: Agencia Pública de Noticias del Ecuador y Suramérica.

Therefore, HGSCA and The Ecuadorian Association in Houston have developed a mutual interest in creating business relationships and investment collaborations between Houston and Ecuadorian business owners by taking advantage of the Sister City relationship.

Due to this, the organizations met with the Office of Business Opportunities (OBO) in Houston to learn more about, and explore opportunities that might help boost this initiative. Sister Cities of Houston (SCH) was represented by Miss Jessica Ngo, Liaison to the Sister Cities of Houston.

From left to right/back row: Angelica Torrez, Youth Intern at OBO, Jose Luis Jiménez, PIO/External Affairs Manager at OBO, Yomaira Torres, Events Director at HGSCA, Kenia Mosquera, Director of Communications at HGSCA, Paulina Davila, Director of Public Relations and Protocol at HGSCA, Will Norwood, OBO Business Development Manager, Jorge Gomez, President of The Ecuadorian Association in Houston

From left to right/front row: Jessica Ngo, Sister Cities of Houston Liaison, Abigail Gonzalez, Business Development Coordinator at OBO, Soledad Tanner, Director of Business and Trade at HGSCA.

As a result, several meetings have been scheduled, with the organizations being committed in advocating to make Houston the next Marketing/Investment Hub for Ecuadorian companies and viceversa.

"The Office of Business Opportunity is committed to cultivating a competitive and diverse economic environment in the City of Houston by promoting the success of small businesses and developing Houston’s workforce, with special emphasis on historically underutilized businesses and disenfranchised individuals" ...Source: OBO website.


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