HGSCA Kick-Off Its 2018 Potential New Members Orientation and Community Outreach Meeting Series at H

Some roles have changed at HGSCA, but the excitement remains for the staff members serving as its 2018 Advisory Board and Board of Directors.

This year HGSCA in its quest to reach out the community and communicate about cultural and educational exchange, medical assistance, tourism, art, commercial trade, and good will opportunities between Guayaquil, Houston, and main cities in Ecuador, launched its first of 3 new Members Orientation and Community Outreach Meetings to attract new members.

Luis W. Moyano, President of HGSCA, and Soledad Tanner, Director of Trade and Business hosted the meeting

HGSCA Potential New Member Orientation Meetings are intended to improve a potential new member’s experience in joining our organization. HGSCA doesn't discriminate based on race, language, religion, disability, and age. We expect to create new agreements that not only benefit the city of Guayaquil ,or other Ecuadorian cities, but also Houston, especially in the area of trade and business.

HGSCA is very excited to receive and welcome new members and renew its effort in sharing its mission and vision with the help of community leaders. In this opportunity, HGSCA Board members invited Thalia Kruger, Project Manager at American Bureau of Shipping, Veronica Turner, Business Development Leader Americas at Honeywell Process Solutions, Norma Haro, Network Marketing Health Wellness Entrepreneur, and Ernesto Cedeno, who has experience in business development and project management. Ernesto is also a former HGSCA President.

We thank our May 2018 attendees and appreciate their efforts to encourage more Houston residents to explore exchange opportunities and promote cross-cultural understanding.

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