U.S. Ambassador Chapman, Rice University, and HGSCA Share Ideas and Explore Opportunities to Strengt

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U.S Ambassador Todd Chapman met Rice University and HGSCA to explore opportunities to strengthen ties between Ecuador and U.S. at the City Hall.

According to Ambassador Chapman, there are many opportunities to explore and engage in, ranging from student exchange to trade and business opportunities that would benefit both countries.

From Left to Right: Luis Moyano III, HGSCA Director of Culture and Education, Paulina Davila, HGSCA Director of Protocol, Kenia Mosquera, Director of Communications, U.S. Ambassador in Ecuador, Todd Chapman, Seiichi Matsuda, Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Rice University was both pleased and impressed to have chosen our country as a strategic ally to fulfill its mission in increasing its foreign student population with talented professionals.

HGSCA recognizes the U.S. Ambassador Todd Chapman for his outstanding job in advocating to build a strong relationship between Ecuador and United States and will follow his advice in creating opportunities that would promote Ecuador's excellency

As the Ambassador expressed in the meeting, " Let's do it! "

HGSCA invites our Houston and Ecuadorian community to be part of this journey. You do not have to be Ecuadorian or be born in Guayquil, you just need to be eager to promote cultural understanding and foster the idea to create a world without borders.

To join us, please click on the link below

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