Rice University in Houston and ESPOL in Guayaquil Signed a Bilateral Agreement to Promote Educationa

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As a result of the efforts made by Houston Guayaquil Sister Cities Association (HGSCA), a memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between ESPOL in Guayaquil and Rice University in Houston. The memorandum of understanding on academic cooperation becomes an important step in strengthening the relationship between both cities.

The new agreement creates a framework for various activities, including the academic exchange of students, administrative staff, joint research activities, participation in academic meetings as well as the exchange of publications and academic materials.

The Embassy of the United States in Ecuador, the Mayor's Office of Trade and International Affairs in Houston, HGSCA, HGSCA - Guayaquil, Rice University, and ESPOL supported the efforts in connecting both universities. Andres Rigail, Director of Education at HGSCA in Guayaquil and ESPOL faculty member acted as liaison between universities.

Luis W. Moyano, President of HGSCA, stated after receiving the news "the culmination of this project is strong evidence that borders, nationality, language, and distance aren't restrictions or limitations, but opportunities to work and collaborate in building a better world"

The memorandum of understanding was signed by Cecilia Paredes, President of ESPOL in Guayaquil and Dr. David Leebron, President of Rice University in Houston. Xavier Moyano, President of HGSCA - Guayaquil, and Alejandro Chanaba, member of the advisory board of HGSCA were present at the event.

HGSCA is a non-profit organization (501c3) created to foster cultural and educational exchange, medical assistance, tourism, art, commercial trade opportunities and good will between Guayaquil, Ecuador and Houston, Texas.

HGSCA achieves these goals by establishing relations and cooperation between individuals, organizations, and institutions from the two cities. We have become part of a powerful global network anchored in formal city-to-city agreements. Eighteen sister cities, strategically positioned throughout the world, translate into long-term relationships that give you international access, opportunities and resources.

We invite people from all nations living in Houston and Guayaquil to become active members in connecting our nations through cultural understanding. We hope you will consider joining us.

To learn more about who we are, please visit our website or send an email at

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