HGSCA donates $6,500 to "Fundación Casa Ronald McDonald Ecuador"

HGSCA donated $6,500 to "Fundación Casa Ronald McDonald Ecuador." The Foundation keeps families with sick children together and near the care and resources they need.

HGSCA Advisory Board Members, Dr. Pedro Arguello and Xavier Moyano, presented a $6,500 check to Fundacion Casa Ronald McDonald President, Denisse Viteri, Chairman of the Board, Mr. Robert Cracket E., and Executive Director, Roxana Munoz during their visit to the location.

From left to right: Robert Cackett, Chairman of the FCRM Board, Roxana Munoz, FCRM Executive Director, Denise Viteri, FCRM President, Dr. Pedro Arguello, HGSCA Advisory Board Member, and Xavier Moyano HGSCA Advisory Board Member

HGSCA President, Luis Moyano, said, ""We at HGSCA are grateful to the community who helped raise the $6,500 to benefit Fundación Casa Ronald McDonald Ecuador, a house that provides the best medicine for Children; keeping their parents close to them."

In the pictures: FCRM Representatives, HGSCA representatives, and Mrs. Silvia Arguello who accompany Dr. Arguello to visit the house.

HGSCA continues look forward to supporting the Foundation in the future with the help of its sponsors.

To learn more about FCRM click on the link below

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