Rice University Visits ESPOL to Open Doors for Potential Knowledge Exchange Among the Ecuadorian an

HGSCA in its quest to explore the potential for American and Ecuadorian universities to collaborate on building effective engagement mechanisms to allow them to access different global pool of talent and skills, contacted several Universities in Houston to propose the idea.

Rice University and ESPOL were the first Universities to answer our call.

Professor Seiichi Matsuda, Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at Rice University

Rice University is deeply interested in developing a long-term academic relationship with counterparts in Ecuador. They have a strong Hispanic population; 37% of Houstonians speak Spanish at the dinner table. By sometime in the middle of this century, they believe, Houston will be a mostly Spanish-speaking city.

Rice is committed to building up their population of students from South and Central America to strengthen their connections to these neighbors.

Rice's relationship with Ecuador is important to them. In their opinion, Ecuador has a strong educational system, and Rice’s strengths in engineering and natural science are relevant to Ecuador’s economic interests.

ESPOL is also devoted to carrying out research, innovation, transference and human talent development in different areas in support of national industry and technological sovereignty. This makes Rice University a potential and strategic ally of ESPOL given the characteristics and nature of the STEM careers and research centers that Rice University runs and offers. ESPOL students would have the opportunity to enhance their further studies and at the same time to have exposure to the latest technology available.

Andres Rigail who represents HGSCA in Guayaquil as the Director of Education along with Xavier Moyano, who is part of our advisory board will host the event.

Mishell Lopez, an Ecuadorian student currently enrolled at Rice University deserves a special mention in coordinating Dean Matsuda's visit to Quito, Ecuador.

We hope the conversations that will take place on Guayaquil and Quito will be energetic, constructive, and thought-provoking to open doors to building a web of knowledge with world-class universities in Ecuador and Houston.

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