HGSCA Director of Culture and Education, Luis Moyano III Brings Houston and Guayaquil Closer Togethe

Last week, HGSCA Director of Culture and Education, Luis Moyano III, hosted an online meeting between Rice University and what is now called the “Coastal Consortium”, an educational conglomerate consisting of Universities such as ESPOL and Universidad de Guayaquil, to further relations between Houston and Guayaquil through educational ties.

Key figures of the meeting included Dr. Adria Baker, Associate Vice Provost for International Education and Dr. Seichii Matsuda, Dean of Postgraduate Studies for Rice University, as well as Cecilia Paredes, Academic Vice-Chancellor for ESPOL and Maria Eugenia Delgado, Director of National and International Cooperation for University of Guayaquil, and Mr. Alex Rangel who represented U.S. Consul General in Guayaquil, Patricia Fietz.

In the exchange of dialogue, both Rice University and the Coastal Consortium expressed their interests as well ways in which each institution can intersect and complement one another’s programs and priorities with common ground being found, specifically in the pursuit of the international exchange of post-graduate students. What started out as a simple proposition has now become a friendship and, with time, mutually beneficial relationship between the two educational institutions from Houston and Guayaquil.

As Dr. Adria Baker puts it “We are very excited about seeing how our Sister City relationship can develop through higher education connections”.