The Trade Mission to Guayaquil, Ecuador led by Houston City Council Member the Honorable David Robin

On October 19, the HGSCA organized a delegation to Guayaquil led by Houston City Council Member, the Honorable David Robinson, President of HGSCA, Mr. Luis W. Moyano, and representatives of the Houston Mayor’s Office and the Houston academic community. Xavier Moyano, HGSCA Guayaquil - President and Ma. Cecilia Rios, HGSCA Guayaquil - Director of Trade and Business hosted the delegation.

The delegation met with Mayor Nebot, Vice Mayor Domenica Tabachi, Francisco Alarcon, President of the Chamber of Industries and representative of the commercial sector, Pronobis, UEES, and ESPOL. They discussed commercial, educational, and fellowship opportunities to grow and strengthen ties between Houston and Guayaquil.

Many projects and doors have been opened and the expectations are set. HGSCA is committed to position the organization as a conduit to provoke success.

We invite all of you to be part of us, part of our dream,

..... Enjoy our video!