On October 19 the HGSCA will Organize a Delegation to Guayaquil led by Houston City Council Member t

On October 19 the HGSCA will organize a delegation to Guayaquil led by Houston City Council Member, the Honorable David Robinson, President of HGSCA, Mr. Luis W. Moyano, and representatives of the Houston Mayor’s Office and the Houston academic community. Meetings have been scheduled with the Chambers of Industries, Chamber of Commerce, Pronobis, and the Mayor's Office for Commercial and Fellowship Opportunities, and participants will discuss how to grow and strengthen ties between Houston and Guayaquil.

This mission is part of HGSCA’s quest to create commercial and fellowship opportunities for the city of Guayaquil and Houston.

Pablo Arosemena, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Francisco Alarcon, President of the Chamber of Industries, Ms. Wendy Franco, Director of Marketing for Pronobis, and Vice Mayor Domenica Tabachi will meet David Robinson, Council Member of the City of Houston, Matthew Shailer, Director of Trade and International Affairs at the City of Houston, and Ms. Carroll Parrott Blue, Professor at Rice University, to discuss potential ventures that would certainly benefit both cities.

Our President, Luis W. Moyano, is eager to position the organization as a conduit to provoke success, furthermore great expectations have been set. HGSCA is excited to become a facilitator in such a great undertaking. HGSCA knows that reaching out can bring immediate opportunities or open doors to new ones.

HGSCA would like to take this opportunity to express its gratitude and appreciation to Council Member Robinson and the Mayor's Office of Trade and International Affairs for making it possible to connect our communities.