HGSCA “Meet and Grow” Business Networking Event with the support of Mayor’s Office of Trade and Inte

One of the primary goals of Houston Guayaquil Sister City Association (HGSCA) is to foster commercial trade opportunities and good will between Guayaquil, Ecuador and Houston, Texas. The way in how the organization achieves this goal is by establishing relations and cooperation between individuals and enterprises from both cities.

In order to fulfill its goal, HGSCA with the support of Mayor’s Office of Trade and International Affairs, Sister Cities of Houston, and the Houston Community College held its first Meet and Grow Business Networking Event on July 21st, 2016 at City Hall to create networking opportunities and raise awareness of the mission of the organization as well as opening the doors to international business relationships with Guayaquil, Ecuador.

HGSCA Advisory Board and great presenters such as T.H. Jack Christie, City of Houston Council Member, Marsha Murray, Deputy Director of the Office of Business Opportunity for the City of Houston, and Jennifer Holmes, Director Corporate College, Office of Entrepreneurial Initiatives for the Houston Community College attended the event and delivered talks and information that people enjoyed watching and learning from it.

The event also rotated participants and left plenty of time for breaks to taste the excellent food provided by Bielistky Prada encouraging attendees to spend unstructured time together as well.

Sixteen companies attended the event and it will be exciting to see what HGSCA will achieve over the coming year in its business networking endeavor. HGSCA thanks all its generous sponsors, G&A Partners, Dr. Jorge Duchicela, Nelly Fraga, and Houston Community College for their continual support. Because of their financial involvement, our organization continues to be very successful.

HGSCA is eager to get returning participants involved to enhance the experience both for them and for first-time participants in future events. HGSCA cannot over emphasize its willingness to create partnerships with other organizations such as the Chambers of Commerce in Houston to create a diverse and safe environment in its business gatherings to help cement friendships and long term business relationships amongst all attendees.

Luis W. Moyano, HGSCA President, final remarks were “We hope the Meet and Grow Business Networking Event served as a strong foundation for our upcoming events!”

Please enjoy the event pictures by clicking on the picture below!

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