IHS donates $5,000 to the HGSCA Emergency Relief Funds to Help the Ecuadorian Victims of the Earthqu

Ivan Parra former HGSCA president and now Director of Health, announced on May 3rd to the HGSCA Board of Directors that IHS Corporate and Sustainability, a Global Leader in Critical Information, responded to HGSCA's emergency response call to help the Ecuadorian victims of the earthquake donating $5,000 to the emergency relief funds.

Because of the IHS contribution, HGSCA will continue helping the victims of the devastation sending basic humanitarian aid in food, medicine, and first aid supplies which are crucial for their survival.

Luis Moyano, HGSCA president, and his team are eager to reach out to as many companies as they can in order to help the victims. "We know that It takes time to recover both financially and psychologically, and our organization is trying to reach out and communicate this message to bring more people to join the cause...," he stated recently in the last Sister Cities of Houston monthly meeting.

As a token of appreciation, as well as to make the offer more attractive encouraging companies to donate, HGSCA offers those who donate $5,000 or more a corporate membership which includes:

  • Enhancing your business visibility by being mentioned on our social media channels as well as on our website.

  • Becoming part of an elite group of professionals who will have the advantage to learn about new innovations, cultures and experiences abroad by opening your business Internationally through many of our Houston Guayaquil Sister City Programs.

  • Invitation to participate in international opportunities of your interest to help strengthen our Houston Guayaquil partnership in different areas.

  • Having the opportunity to become a “ HGSCA business spotlight winner “ of the month. Award that will bring you exposure to all our contacts to learn about your achievements.

HGSCA and keeps to its favorite slogan as a driven force to help the victims; "One for all and all for one..." Cliche as it may sound, application of this concept may lead HGSCA to conquer the impossible... Will you join us?

To donate click on the link below or email us to for more information


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