Sister Cities of Houston (SCH) will Include the Ecuadorian Victims of the Earthquake in its Monthly

Luis Moyano, our current HGSCA president, informed our organization that Sister Cities of Houston will include the Ecuadorian Victims of the Earthquake in its monthly agenda to brainstorm ideas over how other sister cities may join and show their concern and empathy in this time of distress for our country.

We know that It takes time to recover both financially and psychologically, and our organization is trying to reach out and communicate this message to bring more people to join the cause.

Mr Gee, President of Sister Cities of Houston (SCH), was very supportive and believes that SCH and the various individual sister city associations should be responsive and support Guayaquil in its time of need.

We feel grateful to be part of such a great team of individuals who work together, for it not only strengthens the relationships among the sister cities but also unifies the efforts among the sisters cities around the world connected to our great city of Houston.

One for all and all for one .... Cliche as it may sound, application of this concept may lead us to conquer the impossible...

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