New HGSCA Board of Directors 2016

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At the first regular HGSCA meeting in February, a new slate of Corporate Officers was elected. Notice of these openings was communicated via email to all HGSCA members, beforehand. Letters of Interest received by February 10th were reviewed to ensure that all applicants were eligible to serve. The names of the new Officers of the Organization are the following:

President: Luis Wilson Moyano

Vice-president: Ernesto Cedeño

Secretary: Jaime Delgado

Treasurer: Angie Santos

Director of Health: Ivan Parra

Director of Communications: Kenia Mosquera

Director of Culture and Education: Ludy Campos-Ayub

Director of Trade & Business: Luis Ventura

Director of Public Relations: Soledad Tanner

Director of Events: Yomaira Torres

HGSCA is proud and pleased to have this professional volunteer group working for the mission and goals of the organization.