Paulina Vallejo
Director of Events
Paulina's enthusiasm and passion brings about creativity and generates excitement which leads every idea to success...

Paulina, was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. During her college years, she studied Human Resources Management in Ecuador. Later, she moved to Houston and currently lives here for more than 20 years, therefore she is considered bilingual with a strong basis and understanding with (English and Spanish language).


Throughout her life in Houston, she worked in many areas, however she always had a strong interest in real estate and developed a huge passion for it.

She is certainly interested in home design as well, because it depicts her creative style and ideas. Which is why as a person who is always involved with working in person with her clients, she would always value the client’s opinions and would always be open to give ideas and advice about design or real estate in general. Therefore, with her skilled outgoing personality she decided to become a Real Estate Agent.


Now she manages her business usually based on referrals from her most satisfied clients. Most importantly Paulina considers that providing excellent service is essential to everything, and she is dedicated in every objective she pursues in life and also she helps and listens to her clients in every way possible. Furthermore, as a mother herself she also has dedicated her time with being involved in many volunteer organizations affiliated with her daughter and has served in several ways as a PTO member and different non-profit organizations as well.



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