Nelly Moyano - Fraga, MSW
She has dedicated her life to helping and serving our community...

Nelly Moyano Fraga was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador on January 15, 1943.  She attended  Dolores Sucre High School for Girls.   The Rotary Club of Guayaquil founded the School of Social Work in 1961,  where Nelly began her educational career choice in 1962. While at the university, in 1963 Nelly began a program Las Estrellas del Sur. This program, where Nelly served as a Case Worker and Advisor until 1968, addressed the social needs of young street vendors--girls 7 years to 15 years of age. In 1965,  Nelly was employed as a Case Worker with the Foster Parent Plan, a United States Social Plan Program.  Nelly also worked as a Case Worker at Industria Cartonera Ecuatoriana, a private industry. In  April of 1966,  Nelly was awarded a scholarship by  the Cleveland International Program for Social Workers and Youth Leaders, where 183 scholarship winners met in New York City and then were sent to various cities in the United States.  Nelly was assigned  by the program to Cleveland, Ohio, where she attended training and conferences in social work.  She received a Certificate in Social Work from the Cleveland Western Reserve University.  In order to complete the  field work portion of the scholarship program, Nelly was then assigned to Neighborhood Centers Ripley House in Houston, Texas where she met her future husband, Felix Fraga. 


She completed the  Bachelor's Degree in Social Work at the University of Vicente Rocafuerte in Guayaquil in 1968.  Felix Fraga went to Guayaquil and proposed to Nelly, and in January of 1969, celebrated their wedding surrounded by families from Houston and Guayaquil. 


On their return to Houston, Nelly worked at Neighbor Hood Center's Clayton Homes and in the  Manchester Broadway area until the birth of their first son, Fernando in 1970. Fernando passed away at age four from complications of meningitis, and with Nelly's and Felix's permission, his autopsy provided some of the basis for the meningitis vaccine which saves so many young people today.  


Nelly and Felix  were blessed with the birth of two other sons, Carlos in August of 1971 and Bolivar in January of 1974.  Both of the sons graduated from the US Air Force Academy with Bachelor of Science Degrees.  Carlos received his  Master of Science Degree in Chemistry at the University of Illinois  and Doctorate Degree in  Analytical Chemistry at the University of Washington.  Bolivar has three Master's Degrees: International Studies from the University of Florida, Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies from Aquinas Institute of Theology,  and  Master of Social Work at Saint Louis University.  In the family tradition,  Bolivar works as Community Engagement Developer at Neighborhood Centers, Inc. The Fraga family now includes  three grandchildren: Nicolas, Damian and Amanda who live in Richland, Washington where their Father, Carlos, is Senior Research Scientist in the Chemical and Biological Signature Science Group at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory ( PNNL) operated by Battelle.


Nelly has participated in many volunteer programs associated with Neighborhood Centers Ripley House.  She worked with the University of Houston TV channel  in starting the Sesame Street program, with Women in Action (now changed to Women in Justice) by visiting the women in city, county and state jails and penitentiaries and with the American Red Cross giving CPA courses and Spanish classes. Nelly also participated at Sheltering Arms in the care and transport of Hispanic seniors.  She volunteered in the educational birth control programs for Hispanics at Planned Parenthood and at Ripley House assisted in the Spanish classes for Police and Firemen. Nelly participated in the founding of many  volunteer Hispanic civic, culture and social organizations, such as  Asociación de Ecuatorianos en Houston, Houston Guayaquil Sister City Association, the Houston Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce, and Ambassadors International Ballet Folklorico. Nelly  volunteered and was active member of Fiestas Patrias Parade, the Fiestas Patrias Gala, the Comité Mexicano, Asociación de Mujeres Internacionales Generando Amistad (AMIGA), Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston, Miller Outdoor Theatre, the Park People the East End Progress Association, The Panamerican Round Table, and Talento Bilingue de Houston (where she participated as an actress). For the Second Ward Community Development Corporation, Nelly participated in construction of affordable homes.   In the medical field, Nelly volunteered at the Shriner's Hospital, Hermann Hospital,  and MD Anderson Hospital.   In the field of education, Nelly  has served on various committees with the Houston International University and Houston Hispanic Forum In 1986, Nelly resumed her professional career by working with Human Development Services as a Case Worker.  In 1991, she founded a  federal program Cuidado utricional del Niño, Inc. (Childcare Nutritional Program, Inc.), where still she directs and serves sixty day care home providers.  


Nelly has been honored by receiving many awards acknowledging her contributions to non for profit organizations.  Amongst them is the Willie Velasquez Certificate, Puerto Rican Award, Foley's Saavy Award, Variety Club Award, Metro Family Award, Ohtli Award ( Mexican Government), la Mujer del Año (Solo Mujeres Magazine),  la Mujer Legendaria( Ford Motor Company), Asociación Ecuatorian en Houston Award, LULAC's Women's Leadership Award.  and the Rocket's Noche Latina Award.

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