Luis Moyano, III
Director of Health
A Successful Student And Social Activist Who Advocates For the Needs of Multicultural Communities

Luis Moyano, III was born in 1996 into a working-class Ecuadorian immigrant family in Houston, Texas. Luis III is bilingual being fluent in both English and Spanish with a proficiency in French. A pre-med student at the University of Houston, he is always listening to new ideas and places concerted effort in creating relationships that would help him reach his goals by challenging himself to go outside of his comfort zone. Consequently, he began at a very early age helping others in various and diverse non-profit organizations.

At age 16, he volunteered for Grace Care Center of Cypress in which he was praised for his sense of responsibility at such early age. 

At age 17, he signed to be part of a hospital rotation program at Cy-Fair High School in which he confirmed his interest in medicine, and in the same year, began working at Walgreens as a pharmacy technician intern on a part time bases.


At age 18, he volunteered to be part of the Mika Project in Africa. He traveled with missionaries and medical personnel, under the supervision of Dr.  Hector Alila, President of the Mika Foundation, and Dr. Pedro Arguello, to assist them in providing medical care to the Mika community, a very small village in northern Tanzania, east of Lake Victoria and just south of the Kenyan border. In the same year, he volunteered for the International Literature Festival organized by Casa Cultural de las Americas, an organization that brings remarkable writers such as Mario Vargas Llosa, the 2010 Nobel prize recipient, and others.


At age 19, he volunteered for the Ecuadorian Association to assist in their elections and started working as a volunteer clerk for Cuidado Nutricional del Nino, an organization that protects the health, safety, and well-being of children in day home care. Also at 19, he began working for Gastro Texas, a medical practice that provides a variety of diagnostic services for gastrointestinal and liver disorders, under the supervision of Dr. Pedro Arguello and Dr. Christina Levings, board certified gastroenterologists, who he considers profound mentors.


At age 20, he became the new Director of Culture and Education for Houston Guayaquil Sister City Association, a non-profit organization created to foster cultural and educational exchange, medical assistance, tourism, art, commercial trade opportunities and good will between Guayaquil, Ecuador and Houston. As part of the organization, he has talked to high school children about the importance of diversity and interpersonal connections as well as undertaken the challenge to become a liaison in very ambitious projects to connect Universities such as Rice University, and others to their Ecuadorian counterparts.


Luis III recognizes that communication is essential to his personal and professional relationships and is centrally situated within the broader frameworks of respect for culture and education in our multicultural community. Therefore, Luis will continue to take one step at a time in his learning process toward achieving his dream of becoming a medical professional who will not only provide health care to the community but advocate for them as a social activist. 

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