Leon Becerra Children's Hospital in Guayaquil Needs an Ambulance


Currently, our children's hospital needs an ambulance to serve its community. Those few minutes before a child reaches the emergency room can make the difference between life and death. HLBG provides comprehensive health services through its outpatient, emergency, and observation areas to low-income children. In addition, the hospital hosts North American and French Humanitarian Medical Missions that perform free surgeries, serving approximately 87.5% of the national population.

Ecuador recorded close to 23,000 coronavirus cases and nearly 600 deaths just in April, with Guayaquil by far its worst affected city. Therefore, the health system collapsed and many ambulances were broken down beyond repair. That is the case of the HLBG ambulance. Being HLBG, a hospital that serves the underprivileged and vulnerable population, we are seriously concerned that many children with life-threatening diseases can quickly deteriorate or die if they are not transported to a hospital in a prompt manner. At this moment, patients are being transferred to the hospital  by taxi or private vehicles.  

Will you help? We would appreciate whatever you feel you can afford. Most donations should be tax deductible. 

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Download the form and mail it along with your check  to Angie Santos, Treasurer, 218 Kendrick Pines Blvd, Spring, TX 77389 (Please do not forget to write at the back of your check "FOR HGSCA DEPOSIT ONLY" and HLBG1001 on the front of the check/Description Line


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