Kenia Mosquera
A confident communicator and educator, possessing a wide degree of creativity and latitude. As well as a strong knowledge and understanding of current trends in digital/social media...

Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Kenia Mosquera is a passionate bilingual teacher and engineer who is acknowledged by her colleagues as a compassionate and empathetic teacher in a complex educational world that come about when family units collapse and children's emotional stability become endanger. 


Fluent in Spanish and English, Kenia received her degree from ESPOL University in Computer Science in Guayaquil Ecuador. She then received her Teacher Alternative Certification from Region IV and a Master Degree in Education and Administration from Prairie View University.  

From her early beginnings as a Computer Engineer in school, to her later service as a Manager in Mir Fox and Rodriguez where she developed a paperless audit system under the supervision of Carolyn Fox, one of the owners, Kenia dedicated her time and skills to volunteer for organizations that help others. Among the ones that she has assisted are the Instituto de Cultura Hispana, Casa Cultural de las Americas, Houston Guayaquil Sister Cities, Cuidado Nutricional del Nino, the Ecuadorian Association, and others.


In 2003, due to her desire to dedicate more time to raise her children, she decided to change careers, becoming a bilingual teacher. Kenia is fascinated by other cultures and loves to work with children from all over the world as well as with children with disabilities. 


Kenia is open-minded and always willing to learn something new. She always has a positive attitude about life and is determined to see the good in every challenging situation. 


She is an expert in communications and has experience in creating networks that provoke a domino effect. 


Her hobbies include piano, learning french, and travelling all over the world which has helped her understanding cultures and perspectives shaping her personality. Her philosophy is the impossible is possible if we believe it is, one day at a time, one act at a time.

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