Erika Segale
Director of Marketing
HGSCA - Guayaquil
Her Name is a symbol a hard and consistent work and results, International Inspirational Businesswoman, well known for her great  work ethics because whenever she thinks something she makes it happen. 

Public figure, Successful in the entertainment world, Television and radio personality for more than 20 years.


She's been in many magazine covers, written many Fitness, Nutrition, and  Personal Growth articles for Magazines, News papers.


She's very active in social media and recognized as the fitness Guru, in Ecuador and Your Fit conscience.

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Public speaker for many World wide companies, in the US, Ecuador.  She’s been recognized for inspiring Men and Women elevate their self esteem, empowerment, Self love, and making great goals happen. 


She believes that the roles of women should change and supports the importance of being strong  women, not by wanting to be as  men but being complement partners to make great things happen.

She has studied,,  NLP Mastery and NLP  Coach Mastery, Sports coach certified in 

Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and in USA has received courses by The Aerobics and 

Fitness Association of America (AFAA). She's  a Runner  Multi Marathonist and Triathlonist,  Ironman 140.3 and 70.3 Finisher. Coreografic Fitness National Champ and recognized as the best women Athlete in her state. 


She’s  more than a trainer she become a movement that helped over 35,000 people change their lives, She uses a blend of strength training techniques with  her clients

including Running tecniques, Triatlon training, plyometrics, p90x, trx, endurance and weight   training

She has developed   her own training techniques for trainers and works also as a

nutrition and wellness consultant developing better life programs, For Companies and 

Individual people,  that focus on improving work-healthy life balance, physical health and Empowerment.