Annabell Vidal
Director of Trade and Business
Successful entrepreneur with 28 years of experience in Finance and Business Development, leading the global Oil & Gas inspections field and specializing in the design, development, and delivery of core financial, logistics, and regulatory compliance systems...

Young, dynamic, and a very successful business woman, Annabell Vidal, is the latest acquisition of HGSA as our new Director of Trade Business. Originally from California, her parents moved her to Guayaquil where she lived for most of her life. She started her successful career working for Banco del Pacifico while completing her mayor studies in Business Administration at the Universidad Catolica de Guayaquil.

At Banco del Pacifico, where she served for 12 years, she had different positions and served as a National Underwriter for the most important corporations around the country, developing a solid and an impressive background in Finances.

Annabell was recruited by Fidelity Trust as a Commercial and Business Development Director, empowered her team to ensure regulatory and audit compliance with government contracts. While building her career, she developed a passion to share her knowledge and served as a professor at the University Espiritu Santo for two years.


A new opportunity showed itself again for her to become the new Financial Manager and Controller at Inspectorate America Corporation in Guayaquil, Ecuador. She outgrew her role when she transferred to Houston in 2008, to oversee the North and Latin American Region. She has always been a dedicated mentor and trained her team in several countries around the world. After 12 years at Inspectorate, Annabell decided to accept another challenge to become the President & Chief Executive Officer of Trust Control International, where her skills and leadership allowed here to excel in her roles once more, becoming the Global Director of Oil and Gas of this Multinational Corporation that oversees offices around the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Africa. She is actively involved with ASTM, the Houston community, and National Minority Councils.


Not only an outstanding business woman and member of this community, but also a successful mother of three, Paula, Cristina, and Beto, she embodies the commitment and volunteer spirit. She continues to excel in her roles as she mentors her employees, networks, and looks forward to serving the community.

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